{fyi} offers a wide range of information and source material to readers and residents.

Sometimes going beyond the story means getting back to basics. The work that goes into an article incorporates time and resources. Along with making decisions on what gets committed to publication comes the inevitable omission of some action or decision made by those elected or appointed to act on residents’ behalf. While every vote may not (technically) be newsworthy, every vote is important in conducting the people’s business. {fyi} gives the basic source materials that go behind the headlines.

The basics – be it voting history, attendance records, maps, agendas, or other documents – provide an abundance of information on-the-record. {fyi} by no means gives the whole picture but the archives stored here are valuable in that they are the testament to the direction taken by the various governing bodies in Roselle Park.

{fyi} content brings together material from the usually separate forms of local government – town and school – in an easily accessible all-in-one location. Those unable to attend or watch meetings or who simply want the bare essentials can now dig deeper with {fyi} to  get information on the legislative procedures that go into the administration of local government.